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n_c_h_s's Journal

alumni of North Charleston High School
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Damn we were cool. Well, some of us were. In our own unique way. Open to past alumni of the grand old NCHS. Bitch about the good old days, catch up with an old friend, what have you. Please, no current students. The mod loathes teenagers.

modded by flamingnik. do not incur her squirrely wrath. she's an even bigger bitch than before.
$2 frog, academic speech and debate, baseball, basketball, being state champs, book runs, broken bathroom doors, cheerleading, doc, eating in the courtyard, football, forensics, ghetto, golf, halloween skit, haunted house, history day, homecoming, interact club, mr tucker's lunch detentions, nchs, north charleston high school, p.r.i.d.e., rasm, ripping off soda machines, room 206, sharing a locker, smoking in the bathroom, soccer, the blazer, the robeast, volleyball, weave in the halls, wresling